Webinar | 26th of October 2021 | 1-3 pm CET

WEBINAR: Making finance flows consistent with the Paris Agreement: Opportunities and challenges for implementing Article 2.1c

PPT_CFAS Online Seminar_Article 2.1c_2021-10-26

This online seminar took place in October 2021. Please check our presentation and the recording of this event on this page.

In the run up to COP26, the Climate Finance Advisory Service (CFAS) published a policy brief on the opportunities and challenges that may arise when implementing Article 2.1c, and how to move the discussion forward during this year’s negotiations.

As one of the three long-term goals, Article 2.1c is of particular importance for the achievement of the Paris Agreement. Nevertheless, no specific negotiation tracks have yet been established. Parties have expressed reservations against the implementation of the Article due to concerns that other obligations (e.g. under Article 9) could be neglected and failure to comply with Article 2.1c could result in difficulties in accessing important finance sources (such as the Green Climate Fund).

Given the lack of common understanding about the meaning and the implications of implementing Article 2.1c, we first introduce the Article and highlight relevant processes under the UNFCCC, including the work of the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF) through its Biennial Assessment (BA) reports. Second, we discuss the challenges that might arise when implementing the Article 2.1c. Finally, we map the opportunities to overcome misconceptions and move the discussion forward during COP26.


List of speakers:

  • Joana Helms, GIZ
  • Chantal Naidoo, Consultant for the 2020 Biennial Assessment and Overview of Climate Finance Flows
  • David Ryfisch, Germanwatch
  • Ms. Christine Nettersheim, the greenwerk.


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