Prakriti Resource Center

Prakriti Resources Centre (PRC) is a non-government organization furthering the notion of sustainable development and environmental integrity. PRC focuses on areas of climate change, low carbon development and food security. Nepal being one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, adapting to its impacts is imperative. Similarly, Nepal also needs to embrace the low carbon development model for sustainability.


Raju Pandit Chhetri


Raju Pandit Chhetri lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the director of Prakriti Resources Centre (PRC), policy and research NGO promoting environment friendly policies and development practices. Raju passionately advocates on climate change issues and sustainable development, particularly on the issues related to climate finance. He has over ten years of professional experience in the field of climate change policy and sustainable envelopment. He has attended international climate negotiations under the UNFCCC for several years and continues to do so. Currently, he is also actively following the progress of Green Climate Fund (GCF). In the past, Raju has worked for United Mission to Nepal (UMN) and Climate Action Network International (CANI)